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Residential Management, Development, Construction & Investment

Our Broad Base of Knowledge

CIH is made up of three separate companies each with their own area of expertise in residential real estate development.

    CIH Properties, Inc. functions as our property management firm and currently manages over 3,000 apartment residences in the Washington DC metro area.

    CIH Ventures, Inc. is our acquisition and development entity that identifies new acquisition opportunities to satisfy our growth strategy.

    CIH Homes, L.C., our construction management company, is highly experienced in renovation, new construction and land development. It is responsible for supervising ongoing renovations and improvements to all of our properties.

This broad base of knowledge allows CIH to apply creative solutions that transform and restore communities to their full potential for the benefit of all our residents.

The Value of Long-Term Ownership

CIH approaches its properties seeking to promote long-term stability and sustainability. We finance assets conservatively to maximize cash flow, we consider repairs or replacement solutions using a multi-decade outlook, and we seek to physically re-invest in our properties, improving them every year to maintain market competitiveness.

We strive to establish strong ties with our residents to create stable communities, keeping their collective good as our highest priority.

Long-term ownership ensures a commitment to maintaining our properties without compromising quality and while maintaining affordability.